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FOCACCIA & DIPS fresh focaccia, our signature hummus and whipped ricotta dip. 10

TOSTADAS crisp corn tortillas, chipotle bbq pork, gouda, guacamole, radish, pickled jalapeño. 19

SPANISH SHRIMP olive oil, garlic, chili, parsley, lemon, butter. 19

AVOCADO TARTARE shallot, parsley, e.v.o, salsa rossa, tortilla chips. 19

CHEESE RISOTTO BALLS fontina, pecorino and ricotta risotto, fried, wood oven tomato sauce. 20

MISTO FRITTI calamari, shrimp, cod, lemon aioli. 20

CRAB CAKES red crab meat, old bay seasoning, pan fried, sundried tomato-chipotle aioli. 22

BEET & AVOCADO arugula, toasted almonds, oranges, citrus vinaigrette. 18

CARIBOU CAESAR flatbread croutons, pancetta, parmesan. 18


PORCINI FILET grilled 7oz certified angus beef®, bacon wrapped, yukon whipped potatoes,

roasted mushrooms, braised onion jus. 57

PIRI PIRI CHICKEN boneless half chicken, wood roasted, piri sauce, charred peppers, shoestring frites. 36

MAPLE TERIYAKI SALMON cedar plank roasted, thai pineapple egg fried rice, pickled vegetable salad. 44

MOJO SIRLOIN grilled 10oz certified angus beef®, red mojo bbq sauce, jalapeño smashed potatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, toasted spice vinaigrette. 49

TUNA TATAKI ginger-chili tamari, wasabi-mayo, crispy sticky rice, hot bean sprouts, sesame cucumber salad. 32

BLACKENED PORK CHOP heritage pork, bbq rub, cast iron seared, roasted apples, vanilla rum glaze, buttered potatoes, pancetta brussel sprouts. 42


TORTIGLIONE shaved prosciutto, spicy italian sausage, peas, parmesan cream. 26

BUCATINI & MEATBALL guanciale, italian sausage, san marzano tomatoes, e.v.o., parmesan cheese,topped with a 4oz artisan meatball. 31

PENNE pancetta, asparagus, peas, parmesan cream, wood roasted chicken supreme. 34

MAFALDINE braised rabbit, pancetta, mushrooms, truffle butter, parmesan. 33

SEAFOOD LINGUINE shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, tomato, basil, fresh saffron linguine, bagna butter. 36


PROSCIUTTO CRUDO san marzano tomatoes, sea salt, olive oil, basil, mozzarini, parmesan. 24

FIG AND PEAR olive oil, mozzarella, italian ham, aged gouda, arugula, roasted pears, black mission figs. 24

WISE GUY san marzano tomatoes, pepperoni, sausage, roasted onions, braised prosciutto, mozzarella, parmesan. 24

PEPPERONI & HOT HONEY san marzano tomatoes, pancetta, mozzarella, aged gouda, smoked pepperoni. 24

SIENNA MARGHERITA san marzano tomatoes, sea salt, olive oil, basil, mozzarini, parmesan. 24


CRÈME FRAMBOISE cool sweet vanilla custard, warm caramel, raspberries. 12

MINI BUTTERSCOTCH BUDINO italian pudding, caramel, sea salt, whipped cream. 6

PEANUTBUTTER CHEESECAKE chilled cheesecake, chocolate-peanut crust, milk chocolate ganache, 

strawberry and chocolate sauces. 12

Take Home Menu Ordering, Click Here

Open Tuesday to Saturday.  Order day of up to 1/2 hr in advance or up to 48 hours in advance. 


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