About Us

Bob Stewart & Tom Pazianos co-owners

Bob & Tom

"Tom drives the train forward and I keep it on the rails"

You couldn't find two more different personalities but Bob Stewart and Tom Pazianos enjoy an enduring partnership inspired by a common work ethic and a dedication to bringing the best dining experience possible to Thunder Bay. They have an eclectic mix of strengths and interests that make this a winning team. It's hard to decipher how it all works; maybe Bob says it best, "Tom drives the train forward and I keep it on the rails".

They met while applying for waiter positions at the about-to-open Keg Restaurant in 1981. They soon found themselves on the Keg management team and three years later bought into the partnership. They have been owner-managers there for over 40 years and have been sharing laughs and knocking heads ever since. Between the two of them they have over 80 years of restaurant experience and through travels, junkets, tastings and experimentation, the concept of Caribou Restaurant + Wine Bar was born.

Tom's boundless energy and quirky sense of humour are legendary and are part of the vision and originality he brings to the table. No doubt some of his best ideas come about while running and cycling. Tom has competed in several endurance events including the Boston Marathon. His finishes are always respectable and he comes home with renewed enthusiasm. Tom and his wife Leila have traveled extensively and are always planning their next trip.

Bob works quietly, for the most part, behind the scenes keeping an eye on the numbers and wrestling the mountains of paperwork that are an inevitable part of daily business. He was once introduced to a new staff member as "the wizard behind the curtain".  Although Bob has interests in cycling and motorcycles as well as experience with dog training, he may be best known as a saxophone player in several local bands. Bob and his wife Kathy have raised two daughters and are now enjoying three small grandsons.

Bob and Tom have a wide range of friends and acquaintances through their varied interests and creativity, their community involvement and charity work as well as their dedication and contribution to Thunder Bay's business community.